TJA Passes the Half-Million Mile Mark and Flies in a New Direction

With just over five hundred thousand miles flown for Angel Flight South Central, Texas Jacobson Aviation is ready to take on new challenges and partner with an organization that can utilize TJA’s resources.

To date, TJA has flown over a half-million miles in 33 months, transporting over 1,600 passengers, almost 1,000 missions, and 2,000 hours. “Many of the patients we have flown have become like family and we are honored to have been able to make a positive impact on so many lives,” said Farrell Foley, TJA’s CEO.

When TJA was founded, the objective was to start a company whose business model was to help as many medical patients and wounded military personnel as possible, without any outside financial resources. The company has spent over $3 million in the past three years, not including the cost of aircraft. The Shiksa Goddess, TJA’s Citation X, can comfortably seat 8 passengers, and the more mission legs that can be fulfilled each day, the more people can be helped. Up until recently, TJA relied heavily on Angel Flight SC to help them fill their schedule four days a week. Unfortunately, Angel Flight SC has a small staff and is limited with what they are able to do administratively. Making sure the Shiksa Goddess was being utilized to its full potential was not always possible.

Texas Jacobson Aviation has decided to expand their reach and look towards other organizations that may be able to utilize their services full time. With the growing number of military men and women needing medical help upon their return, and their families who may not have the resources to visit them, TJA hopes to make an impact. In addition, there are hundreds of people every day who are medically challenged and need assistance getting to and from their treatments, and TJA is willing to be a resource. The objective is finding the right organization that has the resources to put the team to work four days a week with as many passengers as they can fit in the plane. “The money isn’t endless, everyday costs between $4,000 and $7,000. It only makes sense that the tool we offer and finance is appropriately utilized,” TJA’s founder Grant Jacobson said.

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