Texas Jacobson Aviation begins 2014 with goals for expansion into new areas of philanthropic aviation initiatives.

Texas Jacobson Aviation had another huge year, expanding their philanthropic endeavors by providing support to over ten different organizations, including trans-oceanic flights, and rolling out a new mentorship program.

2013 was a busy year for TJA. The team flew more than 75 missions (280+ hours of flight time). Some of the more memorable missions included transportation for Apollo Astronauts Walter Cunningham, Joe Engle and Fred Haise, to attend a conference at the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center. It was a rare opportunity for TJA’s founder, Grant Jacobson, “I got to personally thank the men who made civilian flight at 90% the speed of sound, a day to day reality.”

In December TJA flew Lt Col. Dick Cole, retired (98), one of the last surviving members of the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders of WWII. TJA provided jet transportation for him and family members from Central Texas to Shreveport, LA for the Advocare V100 Bowl where he was honored and presented with the 2013 Omar N. Bradley Spirit of Independence Award. “It was the highlight of my year to be able to fly these missions. It was an honor and privilege to be able to give back to men who have done so much for our country,” said Gary Standifer, TJA’s Chief Pilot.

TJA partnered with many new organizations this past year, including the Kilimanjaro Warriors, Patriot Outdoors Adventures and the San Antonio Military Medical Center. The men and women the team flew were an inspiration. These organizations work to provide therapeutic care outside standard rehabilitation programs and TJA will continue to support their efforts throughout 2014.

Texas Jacobson Aviation also introduced a new member to their aircraft family, a Bell 206 B3. The Blue Bell comes with the best safety record of any helicopter in the industry and gives TJA the support it needs to take on shorter distance missions with lower operating costs. With this new addition, TJA is on target to expand their reach to include more organizations within Texas that need immediate short range transportation.

In addition to flying missions, TJA contributed over $35k to various organizations, including the NGPA Educational Fund and the Austin Food Bank, in an effort to extend their reach beyond medical and military need. One of the company’s newest goals is to provide mentorship and training opportunities to young pilots. They achieved this by providing the tools necessary for one of their first mentees to receive his helicopter license. “To be able to help, all while doing what we love,… it is truly humbling, and we will continue to expand our reach in 2014,” said Jacobson.

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